That Made Me Trans: Episode 7 - Marvel Comics (Angela and Loki)

August 31, 2017

In today's episode, Tracy and Alexis discuss some recent strides (and the unfortunate backpeddling) of deliberate trans characters and themes in Alexis' medium of choice - specifically Marvel comics and their characters Sera and Loki, looking at the good and the bad of the representation of two particular storylines that our intrepid hosts found particularly inspiring.  Tracy made Alexis promised to get her grudges and complaints about Marvel as a whole out of the way at the start.  She does not keep this promise, at all.

Tracy claims no responsibility for Alexis' probably well-founded feuds with these people she's never heard of before, but always admires the burning fires of her partner's sense of justice enough to not censor her.  On that editing note, Tracy was sick and her headphones broke as she was editing, but depending on your timezone we still technically got this episode up on a Thursday so give us a pat on the back for not going semi-weekly as we'll inevitably have to.

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That Made Me Trans: Episode 6 - Steven Universe

August 24, 2017

The gals have their first guest on, as Laura Bishop (@emeraldreverie on twitter) joins us for an impromptu episode on how Steven Universe made us all trans.  Enjoy this last ever episode with Tracy's old, terrible, non-USB mic!  Marvel at Laura's smooth voice and pro setup and wonder why she isn't the host.  We cover a lot but we still feel like we could have analysed this show for HOURS, and didn't even go into that great detail on even the main cast.  Even then, this is one of our longest episodes, discussing gender essentialism, human vs alien concepts, and just how gosh dang relatable characters are to us and why.  We're all very proud of it.  We might need to start up another podcast just to recap SU episodes or something, because although its been done before, gosh dang if it isn't a topic we find fun and hope you do too.

The new schedule will be releases on Thursday from on for That Made Me Trans, since Alexis' new school times make that just make the most sense.

Having a guest brought so much energy to the show even when I didn't think I would have the energy to hit record amidst one hell of a crazy weekend.  If you're interested in starring in later episodes, please contact us at @MinxTracy (Tracy) or @TransComics (Alexis) on twitter, where you can also suggest future topics and ask questions about upcoming subjects as we do our episodes on them.

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That Made Me Trans: Episode 5 - The Legend of Korra

August 17, 2017

The girls do their best to avoid treading old ground of action female role models and trans headcanons as they talk out queer themes in the Avatar series, and the landmark new hit Turf Wars and its story of coming out.  We don't spend too long expounding on who we think is trans beyond our usual note of everyone "but especially these cool girls", because c'mon, as if Korra and Asami aren't an obvious transbian power couple.  In this we talk mainly about the lesbian experience in this fantasy world and how those themes can be interpreted, and as a couple of women loving women of various binarism, our sapphic love is kinda key to our girly identities.

Also, just, its a good story y'all.  Check out the Turf Wars comic if you're a fan of the show, for real.


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That Made Me Trans: Episode 4 - Character Creation

August 7, 2017

In today's episode of That Made Me Trans, continuing their experimental streak, the girls tackle a broader topic still - the very concept of character creation engines in video games, what that means for them and gaming to insert yourself into a work, and a little naturally on what that has meant for us as budding young trans women.  We go off on some tangents for what is, despite our incresingly crisp editing, our longest episode yet.  So strap in, for some talk on representing characters' issues in a story, and maybe some of Tracy's griping with her love-hate relationship of a video games industry, and Alexis' all-consuming yet ever-inspiring wrath.


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That Made Me Trans: Episode 3 - Star vs the Forces of Evil

July 24, 2017

Alexis and Tracy vs Star vs the Forces of Evil vs Trans themes in media!  In today's episode, we talk a bit about the that hip show on Disney that's got the kids talking.  Of course we couldn't help talking about the ever-popular trans marco theory because of how much we relate, but we do try and talk around that and cover some other subjects within the show despite the temptation of that trans princess cutie.  We get into some big talking points around trans performance and self-denial later on that cis people ought to be aware of before they waste their time trying to disprove the theory, 'cause frankly being trans is a complicated and beautiful thing.





That Made Me Trans: Episode 2 - Sailor Moon

July 17, 2017

Continuing to experiment with the format of the show as we find our feet, Alexis and Tracy go off of their memories and personal experience for something from their childhoods, in the long mists of time before they came out.  In this episode, we talk about how Sailor Moon introduced femininity and queer themes to us in a package our young minds appreciated.  We were down a guest that we hoped would keep us on topic, so we just kind of go off talking around it.  We're thinking we might concentrate on more topical things in future episodes, especially given Tracy's dismal memory, but let us know what you think!



That Made Me Trans: Episode 1 - Jem and the Holograms (IDW)

July 17, 2017

Alexis Sergio and Tracy Campbell, the inseperable pair of nerdy trans ladies, embark on their iaugural podcasting episode.  That Made Me Trans is our new show where we discusss subjects and media which have informed or celebrated our trans identities. In our first episode, we talk about the acclaimed Jem and the Holograms comic, and its spinoff the Misfits, by IDW publishing, including our favourite trans artist Sophie Campbell (no relation), for a Truly Outrageous first outing!